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Faculty of Medicine, Porto, Room 505 |
Prion-like propagation of the mutant huntingtin gene product in Huntington’s disease.
Lisbon Congress Center, Portugal |
The overarching theme for the Lisbon congress will be ‘Neurogenetics’.
Omibee Investigation Center, Room 236 |

We invite all members of the Portuguese academic and research community…

London, United Kingdom |

Analgesics are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world and yet, finding nov

Research Groups

Clinical Neuroscience seeks to better understand the way patients interact with and respond to health services.

Cognitive neuroscientists study the relationship between mental processes and brain processes and structures.

The Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience teams study the basic biology of the brain and nervous system of the fish, avian, mammalian and human brain.

Sensory and Motor Neuroscience brings together scientists studying how our sensory and movement systems work.

Featured Projects

Human intelligence comes from an amazing duality of arriving at conclusions based on perception o

"Fine-grained patterns of neural activity within the orbitofrontal cortex, an area of the brain a

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