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The Omibee Research Center (ORC) is a catalyst for education, outreach, and research collaborations among current and future scientists, engineers and clinicians who seek to understand the healthy and diseased brain. 

Formed in 1990 by a small group of neuroscientists of the Faculty of Medicine, the ORC is a central force in its mission to advance interdisciplinary basic and clinical neuroscience in Portugal.

In order to accomplish this mission, the center provides multiple financial, informational and operational resources to invigorate research programs and support collaborations bringing together investigators from disparate scientific fields. The ORC also co-ordinates a large portion of neuroscience educational programs on campus, and also works through its outreach programs to enrich scientific knowledge in the community by inspiring elementary and secondary school students to explore a scientific career.

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ORC is awarding 2 Fellowships for Doctoral candidates or Masters students, under Project nr. 016696 (PTDC / BIM-MEC / 2968/2018).

ORC Director, Teresa Costa, invited as keynote speaker at one of the most prominent international conferences on brain research.

A new issue of Beyond Neuroscience is now available.

It's often said that creative people see the world differently than the rest of us - and ORC scientists are providing one answer why.


London, United Kingdom |
Analgesics are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world and yet, finding novel targets…
Omibee Investigation Center, Room 236 |
We invite all members of the Portuguese academic and research community interested in cellular…
Lisbon Congress Center, Portugal |
The overarching theme for the Lisbon congress will be ‘Neurogenetics’.
Faculty of Medicine, Porto, Room 505 |
Prion-like propagation of the mutant huntingtin gene product in Huntington’s disease.

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