Correlating creativity and brain connectivity

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People’s capacity to generate creative ideas is central to technological and cultural progress. Despite advances in the neuroscience of creativity, the field lacks clarity on whether a specific neural architecture distinguishes the highly creative brain. Using methods in network neuroscience, we modeled individual creative thinking ability as a function of variation in whole-brain functional connectivity. We identified a brain network associated with creative ability comprised of regions within default, salience, and executive systems—neural circuits that often work in opposition. Across four independent datasets, we show that a person’s capacity to generate original ideas can be reliably predicted from the strength of functional connectivity within this network, indicating that creative thinking ability is characterized by a distinct brain connectivity profile.


Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 3

Pages: 1-8

Date published: 09/2017

Type: Articles in international peer reviewed journals


ISSN: 1234

ISBN: 5678

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Alternative Titles

Original title: Correlating creativity and brain connectivity

Alternate title: Correlating creativity and brain connectivity

Short title: Creativity and brain connectivity

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